Celebration 5000! Count is on

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hi Friends, my site http://in.geocities.com/skexz has completed 5000 visitors this week. Still long way to go, I am committed to deliver useful information thru my site, so keep visiting ;-)

See the log of recent visitors, what a colorful flags are visiting!

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Honda Unicorn: Wingrider

Monday, January 17, 2005

Honda Unicorn the most awaited bike in India from the world’s largest vehicles maker & also the world largest two wheeler maker.

My friend Rakesh was disparately searching for a good bike with good features. After lot of discussion we sort two bikes, HeroHonda's 'Ambition' and Bajaj's 'Pulsur DTSI'. Again after long discussion and comparison we decided to ride on Ambition. But then suddenly one day I saw a news on Rediff.com that Honda is launching it's first bike in India. I instantly searched for this bike and what I found was marvelous! The 'Unicorn'.

Unicorn is powered by a newly developed Honda 4-stroke, 150cc engine and incorporates many cutting-edge technologies developed by Honda. We instantly contacted Honda dealer in Thane. He said that bike is available for test drive but booking is overloaded. We have to wait till 3 months ! We took the test drive. Bike performance was fantastic. Instantly we booked the bike. Now the wait is over, My friends Rakesh got the bike, Now he is the proud owner of 23rd Unicorn in Thane.

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Monday, January 10, 2005

Yesterday I saw the movie 'Swades'. Based on India's much criticized problem 'Brain Drain'. All though It was a good movie. Catching dialogs, beautyfull people, but something was missing. I can't say exactly what! May be it because of my high expectations from the directer Mr. Ashutosh Govarikar, who previously directed all time smash-hit 'Lagaan'.

I like the Shahrukh Khan's attitude about acting. Before going to movie I was thinking that Shahrukh can not handle this type of role, as he always does larger than life style roles. But I was totally wrong. He colored a very down to earth, simple good looking NRI as it is. Now I can say Sharukh can be cast in any type of role.

All I like is new comer actress Gayatri Joshi. She is fantastic. She never act as newcomer in any part of film. She looks pretty in sari and salwar-kamiz.

All'n all Swades is good movie to watch, criticizing India's top problem 'Brain drain'.

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Always use BCC

Friday, January 07, 2005

Have you ever gotten something forwarded to you with hundreds of e-mail addresses in the header?

Every address on that email may be getting unintentionally passed all over the net. When you forward it to everyone in your address book you risk making every address on that email vulnerable to unscrupulous advertisers.

So, do your friends a favor and avoid exposing their addresses to all of cyberspace by sending mass mailings as Blind Carbon Copies (BCC). E-mail privacy is just a few clicks away. Here's what you do...

When you create or forward an e-mail you usually select "To:" If you look around, you'll see other options: "Cc:" and "Bcc:". Simply highlight the addresses you want to send to and click "Bcc:".

Put your own address, or a fake one, in the "To:" field and everyone who receives the email will only see that address, and not the other 275 people you
sent the message to.

So PLESE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not breack your friends
and my privacy by exposing his/her/my email address to
the web.

So always use 'BCC'.

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