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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just started playing? Creating mind-blowing music for years? If you want to find an interested audience, Muziboo is the place for you.

My favorite: 'Ankhonme teri - Om Shanti Om' by Joseph Thomas

If you a aspiring singer, musician, composer, lyricist? share your skills online with others on Muziboo. Not only aspiring souls but established also share there creativity to get reviews, comments from other members. Muziboo is a growing community of musicians from the world over. We share our original music and covers to get better at making music.

Share your music
You can upload your music (MP3 files) and get comments from peers. Original compositions are highly respected, covers will help you match yourself with the best.

Comment on Music
If there’s one thing that Musicians find most rewarding, it’s feedback from fans. Good, bad, or ugly. Raise your voice, tell the musician what you want them to hear.

Build your online profile
All your songs, your band, group memberships, and your comments are listed on your profile page. You can embed your songs in your blog and soon on Orkut and Facebook.

Find new friends/ band members
Having trouble finding folks to jam with? Use our “Meet interesting people” feature on your account page once you are logged in.

Create Band Pages
Make your band a place on the web at Muziboo. Upload songs and keep fans interested by talking straight with them.

Talk on Groups
Want to talk about the right way to play the fifth chord in Hotel C? Ask on the groups. You’ll find a lot of helpful music aficionados on Muziboo.

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