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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For all these years, Rediff has emerged as one of the leading website on Indian scene. Most of the regular internet users in India start day with Rediff, like me. But suddenly some days ago Rediff has shocked me with it's new design. I thought, may be some test going on, but now it's confirmed. Rediff has launched new minimilistic design, but more than a enhancement it is a pain. Why? Read below.

New Design: Minimalistic approach
It is good to see Rediff utilizing minimalistic approach. Focusing more now on contents, rather than 'All in a one page' funda. Rediff is emerged as main source of news on internet, so design aproach should be focused on all news sections (Headlines, news, movies etc.). News can be displayed in a single view, rather than tabs which are not accessible through keyboard.

Let's compare Rediff.com with CNN.com designs, both mainly news websites.
[Click on images for larger view.]

First thing we notice here that CNN has clean design, sections devided with clever gray background, focusing more on contents. Rediff lacks exactly here. If you see Rediff pages, you often confuse between main contents, navigation, related links and other contents. There is no clear differentiation.

New design would have utilized layout grid system. It is clean and effective technique to arrange contents. A balanced and consistently implemented design scheme will increase readers’ confidence in site.

As responsible publisher Rediff must use and support accessiblity standards for people with color-blinded or other disablities, Web accessibility also benefits people without disabilities.

Rediff's design can be improved in many ways and I hope they are listening us, we the readers.

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