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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

If you are in India, what would you search for? Inquiring minds from Mumbai to Bangalore wanted to know, so now there's a new Google India Zeitgeist. Sania Mirza is on full blast, overtakes Aishwarya also but 'tsunami' of course most searched-for queries in January.

Popular Queries
January 2005

1. tsunami
2. indian railways
3. sania mirza
4. trisha
5. aishwarya rai
6. anara gupta
7. ignou
8. bollywood
9. ndtv
10. australian open
11. Sandesh (I want at least this place :-))

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Think again, Privacy at work!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

You should not expect any privacy if you are online from work. Your employer is responsible for everything that you do on their time.
  • They own the computer and the systems.
  • They are the one who pays for the internet service. They are responsible if you harass or annoy, or commit any cyber crime.
  • They may be attempting to stop you from using their fast connections to download mp3's, hack your ex, or any number of other possible cyber crimes.
  • They may be trying to stop you from seeking out porn, or find a new job.
What are some ways they may be watching you:
  • They may just be walking around, and seeing what you have open
  • They maybe using employee monitoring software like Cyberscout, iWarden, Cyber predator, Superscout.
  • They may have key loggers or screen capture programs which let them know
    • how many emails you got today,
    • That you called your boss a pig,
    • That you ended up on a porn site.
None of this may be stored on the workstation you use. It may not even be stored on a computer where you work. It may be immediately sent to a third party in another state who prepares a report for your employer.

So think again, while doing private tasks from work!

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Kamat's Potpourri

Monday, February 07, 2005

Simple, Rich and well arranged site explaning India's diversity in hundreds of pages and it's mystery in user-friendly language. Site covers most of all subjects including History of India, Hinduism, Travling etc. Kamat's Potpourri is the personal home page of the four members of the Kamat family: Krishnanand Kamat, Jyotsna Kamat, Vikas Kamat and Hiryoung Kim Kamat.

The theme of the site is Kalarunga or The Timeless Theatre. This is a huge collection of photographs and articles on topics swinging from pre-historic paintings to snakes of India to Jainism Potpourri.

Alos site has exalant navigation system, using latest technologies like PictureSearch and WWWW (Who's Who-What's What).

Kamat's Potpourri is the must visit site.

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